Bright Side: 10+ Facts About the Middle Ages That Might Make You Want to Become a Historian

A delinquent who was caught received such a memento that for the future he would keep well out of the way. A mutilated hand was the sign-manual of an oath-breaker: the significance of the letter N branded on both cheeks was obvious to all, and anyone who had been flogged out of the town at the cart’s tail had had enough of Nuremberg. [183]

In the year 1575, 6 wicked lads who had all forfeited their lives by repeated robberies, fell into the hands of the Council of Nuremberg; but as they were too young for the gallows, the 5 youngest, with hands tied behind their backs and with halters round their necks, were exhibited on the scaffold on 3 successive days, and in addition were daily chastised with rods by the Lowe (the title of the executioner’s assistant) in their prison. On February the 3rd, the eldest, 18 years of age (another account says 15 years), was hanged; the 5 others were chained together, led before him, and place atthe foot of the ladder on the scaffold where they could get a good view of him, and were then banished. The ages of the 5 young thieves were only 9-11 years! In the year 1584 a 13 year old boy was hanged. The murderer, who on April 28th, 1579, was torn with red-hot pincers and then broken on the wheel, was only 18 years old. [184]

Here a young girl hopes to fetter the affections of a youth by a love potion, there a woman seeks to make her man invulnerable, even proof against torture, so that he shall utter no confession. Everywhere mysterious powers, which can be turned to advantage, are deemed to be latent, even in the genital organs of thieves, and especially in the fingers of unborn male babies. Schmidt repeatedly mentions how atrocious murderers obtained thieves’ candles of that material. [185]

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Bright Side: 10+ Facts About the Middle Ages That Might Make You Want to Become a Historian.