National Catholic Register: Pope Francis and the Killer Robots

There follows a long discursive account of the manner in which, through the medium of this servant girl Mary, Don Francisco sent to his latest victim elegant clothes, valuable presents, and personal messages, both polite and endearing, and an invitiation to have dinner with him, which, acting on Mary’s advice, the young lady accepted.  Don Faracncisco informed her that, because of certain accusations which had been made against her in connexion with matters of religion, the Inquisition had pronounced sentence of burning alive “in a dry pan, with a gradual fire,” but that he, out of respect for her family and pity for her, had managed to stop the execution of the terrible sentence, at any rate, for the present.  The man made it plain, however, and Mary made it additionally plain, that there was only one way of escaping death, and that anyone other than a born fool would take it.  Probably acting under instructions from Don Francisco, Mary went further and, after securing a promise of absolute secrecy from the already terrified young lady, offered to show her the implements of torture.  And so the next morning, before anybody was stirring,

                “taking me downstairs, she brought me to a large room, with a thick iron door, which she opened.  Within it was an oven, with fire in it at the time, and a large brass pan upon it. With a cover of the same, and a lock to it.  In the next room there was a great wheel, covered on both sides with thick boards; with a little window in the centre, Mary desired me to look in with a candle; there I saw all the circumference of the wheel set with sharp razors, which made me shudder.  Mary then took me to a pit, which was full of venomous animals.  On my expressing great horror at the sight, she said, ‘Now, my good mistress, Ill tell you the use of these things.  The dry pan is for heretics, and those who oppose the holy fathers will and pleasure; they are put alive into the pan, being first stripped naked; and the cover being locked down, the executioner begins to put a small fire into the oven, and by degree augments it, till the body is reduced to ashes.  The wheel is designed for those who speak against the Pope, or the holy fathers of the Inquisition; for they are put into that machine through the little door, which is locked after them, and then then wheel is turned swiftly, till they are all cut to pieces.  The pit is for those who condemn the images, and refuse to give proper respect to ecclesiastical persons; for they are thrown into the pit, and so become the food of poisonous animals.

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National Catholic Register: Pope Francis and the Killer Robots.