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In 1120 A.D. [There was a famine in Jerusalem not caused by weather. In Jerusalem in 1120, a famine caused by a “plague of mice and locusts.” In July, there was a horrible tempest of hail at Treves [Prussia].   It overthrew many buildings. It did much damage at Halderstadt, Germany, so that the ground in nine miles radius bore no corn. It killed most small birds and oxen. In Germany, the wolves tore and destroyed many people. [16]

In 1161 A.D. In Sicily Italy, there was an inundation of the sea; drowned 5,000 persons; “floods in many rivers, multitudes of people lost.”  At the village Landaaren [now Landavran, France] at noon rose out of the earth a terrible whirlwind [tornado] and floods on high. The noise of spears and lances were heard in it, but no hand was seen. On the top were seen fowls flying in and about it [debris]. Soon after a grievous plague raged both there and in several places in Normandy and the neighborhood. There was a great famine and earthquake in several places including Antioch (Turkey), Tripoli (Libya), Damascus (Syria), etc. wherein 20,000 men were killed. In Sicily, the sea overflowed and drowned 5,000 people. In May fell great hailstones, the stones as large as geese eggs. There were also several tempests, inundations of rivers, and loss of many people. In the Novgorod Republic [now part of Russia], the sky stood clear all summer and all the corn was scorched, and in the autumn frost killed all the spring corn. During the winter the whole season stood with heat and rain, and there was thunder. We bought a little barrel [11½ pecks] for seven kunas [martenskins used as money]. Oh, there was great distress in the people and want.

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