Reuters: Pope, on Palm Sunday, says devil taking advantage of pandemic

There is, in truth, no controversialist of the day who exceeds Jewel in the reckless violence of his abuse.  His impudence, profanity, unblushing mendacity, and downright forgery are beyond belief.  There are, moreover, to be discerned in the cold concentration of his hate a bitter cynicism and a mocking impiety which one can only stigmatize as devilish, and which go far to prove that the man held no faith at all.  Constructive ideas he has none, he is essentially Mephistopheles, “the Spirit that Denies.”  When he has to speak of Holy Mass he blasphemes like a maniac, as in a letter to Peter Martyr, probably to be dated May, 1559, where he writes: “This it is to have once tasted of the Mass! He who drinks is made mad by it.  Depart from it, all ye who value sound mind; who drinks is made mad by it.  They perceive that when that palladium is removed every thing else will be imperiled.”  Again describing the state of England on his return he says:  “No part of religion was yet restored; the country was still everywherefouled with the mass,” a phrase which seems to me the extreme of criminal blasphemy.  The insincerity of the man is frankly appaling.  10 years after his death Blessed Edmund Campion wrote: “When I was young John Jewell, the Calvanist leader in England, was impudent enough to challenge the Catholics to a proof of their respective tenets from the works of the Fathers of the first 6 centuries.  The challenge was accepted by some well known men then in exile and poverty at Louvain.  I venture to say that Jewell’s craft, ignorance, roguery, and impudence, as exposed by these writers, did more good to the Catholic cause than anything within my remembrance.  A proclamation was immediately posted on the doors that none of the answers should be read or kept, though they had been squeezed out by a direct challenge.’  It is important that we should appreciate a just character of the man to whom the witch trials in England are largely due, not that he acted from any hatred to Witchcraft and Satanists, but solely from political motives.

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Reuters: Pope, on Palm Sunday, says devil taking advantage of pandemic.