CNBC: U.S. hits daily vaccination record as case counts return to summer peaks

In all countries we meet in times of plague with complaints of the doctors of the obstinacy of the patients. The surgeon of the administrative district of Szabin in East Prussia applied in 1710 to be recalled, as all medical assistance was useless.  The surviving remnant of the population had fled to the woods and were hopelessly abandoned to their fate. The only remaining peasant obstinately refused to take any medicine, and it was useless to incur further expenses for the prescribed treatment.  “The incredible lack of obedience,”  he continues his report, “prevents all benefit to those still alive. With all due submission I, therefore, inquire if an example should not be made of some of the others of them, particularly as the usual Lithuanian form of chastisement by the public executioner is of no avail.”  The judicial authorities of the district had on July 26, 1710, an edict read from the pulpits threatening that all those would be regarded as suicides and that their corpses would be publicly hanged who refused to take the prescribed medicines, even if these should prove to be of no avail.  In the same manner the Prussian Sanitary Commission had submitted a resolution to the King that gallows should be erected for those who refused to take their concoctions, and that they should be hanged on them in their coffins.  There is an interesting report of July 25, 1710, from the district of Insterburg containing complaints about the famous, well-known member of the Koenigsberg Sanitary Commision, Professor Dr. Emmerich, as well as about Dr. Rossler, who were on a tour of inspection in Lithuania.  The report stater “Although the cures undertaken by the surgeons are accompanied by so little success, this would seem to cause them little anxiety, as with the help of stronInsterburg ale they spend their time in joy and merriment; thus, to give a particular instance, they spent the night of June 16th- 17th at the house of Sergeant Forstmann with drinking, dancing, and carousing. But that was not all: they were seen at 4 a.m. in full daylight with a band of music; and thereupon, without changing their clothes or lying down, they repaired to the house of Apothecary hering, their ordinary quarters, for breakfast, and continued their drinking theroughout the day until finally, towards the evening of the 17th, they drove from Insterburd to Goldap, and then further to Stallupoenen and Ragnit in company of the sheriff, during which journey, as their companion took them a somewhat circuitous route, there was no lack of merriment and only merry, and it would appear that this commission trip was by no means disagreeable to them, as up to the present all three have not returned.”
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CNBC: U.S. hits daily vaccination record as case counts return to summer peaks.