The Boston Globe: Doc Talk: The Irish famine remembered; black holes investigated; Truth or Consequences (the town, that is) examined

In 1162 A.D. In Holland, there was an inundation from the sea; many people and cattle lost. In

1162, there was said to have been a great famine all over the world. On 14 March 1162, there was a great tempest of wind, thunder and lightning at Lübeck, Germany, which burnt and overthrew many houses. The sea overflowed farther in Friesland than ever was known. Even Hadelen, and all the low country of Albia and Wirra were flooded and many thousands of people and cattle drowned. At the same time hail made fearful havoc of men, beasts, trees, and horses. In Poland there was a famine. In Mediolana [Mediolanum or Milan, Italy] fell twelve great snows, which greatly afflicted both animals and vegetables. A great famine still reigned over most parts of the world. Famine, plague and war sorely afflicted the people of Mediolana.[17]
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The Boston Globe: Doc Talk: The Irish famine remembered; black holes investigated; Truth or Consequences (the town, that is) examined.