New York Post : UK teen declared dead begins to breathe hours before organs were to be donated

The mutilated body of St. Josaphat (d. 1623) remains marvelously incorrupt in the Church of St. Sophia in his native Poland.  When a costly reliquary was crafted of precious metals and engraved with mother of pearl pictures depicting scenes of his martyrdom, the body was exhumed for the 3rd time.  While the incorrupt body of the marytyr was being prepared for its enshrinement, the mortal wound on the forehad of the Saint opened and discharged fresh red blood.  This amazed the witnesses, since St. Josaphat had been dead 27 years.[29]

                A very unusual blood miracle, and one drastically different from those mentioned above, involved Pope St. Pius V (d. 1572), who is regarded as one of the greatest Popes of all times.  The miracle of blood took place when the Polish ambassador, while speaking with the Pope, asked for a relic to take back with him to his country.  Pope Pius V stooped down and gathered a little dust from the ground. He put the dust in a piece of clean linen and gave it to the ambassador was somewhat surprised and shocked by the Popes actions, and was also disappointed at not receiving a precious relic for his country.  But on arriving home he found the cloth stained with blood, which was recognized as that of the holy martyrs blood that had sanctified the Roman terrain.[30]

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New York Post : UK teen declared dead begins to breathe hours before organs were to be donated.