The Guardian: Whitmer won’t go ‘punch for punch’ with Republican who called her a witch

Schmidt was also a humanitarian.  After torturing several women accused of witchcraft, Schmidt became convinced that the women were confessing to crimes they had never committed through fear of pain.  Although he was risking death by defying the ecclesiastic authorities, he applied to the town council to stop the trials.  The council was astonished because the execution of witches was a torturer’s most remunerative business-he provided the rope, brimstone, faggots, stake, etc. at a profit to himself and also did a sideline by selling the charred glands of the dead women to alchemists. But the council listened to Schmidt, and as a result Nuremberg was almost the only city in Europe spared the terrible effects of the witch mania. Schmidt also requested the council to stop the custom of putting a woman who had killed her newborn infant (a common crime of the period) into a sack and then throwing her into the Pegnitz.

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The Guardian: Whitmer won’t go ‘punch for punch’ with Republican who called her a witch.