FOX5 Las Vegas: Las Vegas police: Home video showed babysitter beating 5-year-old child before his death

Tertullian cites 3 secret crimes alleged against the Christians, as apart from the public and indisputably actual crimes of refusing adoration to the pagan gods and lese-majeste against the emperor: ritual infanticide, incest, and a variety of cannibalism in which the host was dipped in children’s blood before being consumed. In the 3rd century, Christian writers were more aggressive in carrying the war to the enemy camp. Clement of Alexandria (c.200) turned the charges of perversion back upon the pagans, detailing the bloodthirsty nature of their rituals and myths. It was Clement who also established the accusations against heretics as standard procedure. The Carpocratians, he argued, were licentious, practicing incestuous orgies after having their lamps overturned. The Montanists used the blood of children in their unholy sacrifices. The gnostics cooked and ate embryos for their Passover meal, and they partook of a horrible Eucharist confected of semen and menses. Medieval witches were occasionally supposed to consume their own children, but the witch tradition, like that of the early Christians, usually assumed that they stole the offspring of others.

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FOX5 Las Vegas: Las Vegas police: Home video showed babysitter beating 5-year-old child before his death.