TODAY: YouTuber Grace Victory wakes from 3-month COVID coma

A certain Shoemaker in one of the chief Town of Silesia, in the year 1591, Septemb. 20, on a Friday betimes in the morning, in the further part of his house, where there was adjoinging a little Garden, cut his own Throat with his Shoemaker’s knife. The Family, to cover the foulness of the fact, and that no disgrace might come upon his Widow, gave out, that he died of an Apoplexy, declined all visits of friends and neighbours, in the meantime got him washed, and laid Linens so handsomely about him, that even they saw him afterwards, as the parson, and some others, had not least Suspicion but that he did die of that disease: and so he had honest Burial, with a funeral sermon, and other circumstances becoming one of his rank and reputation. Six weeks had not past, but so strong a rumour broke out, that he died not of any disease, but had laid violent hands upon himself, that the Magistracy of the place could not but bring all those that had seen the corps, to a strict examination. They shuffled off the matter as well as they could at first, with many fair Apologies, in behalf of the deceased, to remove all suspicion of so heinous an act: but it being pressed more home to their Conscience, at last they confessed, he died a violent death, but desired their favour and clemency to his widow and children, who were in no fault; adding also, that it was uncertain but that he might be slain by some external mishap, or, if by himself, in some irresistible fit of phrency or madness.

Kicked Out of Heaven  Vol. I, II & III
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Kicked Out Of Heaven  Vol. I, II & III: The Untold History of The White Races; cir. 700-1700 a.d. is a 3 volume series that details everything about European society and mentality. In the first volume you will find astounding facts about Natural Disasters that had 100 pound hail stones. There was rampant sex in The Streets. There are many details of the Torture Chamber. In the 2nd volume there are close descriptions on the generational effects of alcoholism, lead poisoning and LSD. This is before a 250 page section on 300-400 years of consistent plagues like 2020’s Coronavirus. After the Plague you will encounter a lot of Magic Mirrors and explanations of Crystal balls. There are also actual court transcripts of real serial killers, witches, werewolves and their punishments. You will find a picture of the first contract written for a Sol with signatures from many Devils.  In the 3rd volume you will meet the Castrati, who were boys castrated to sing in the Catholic Church.  You will encounter the relics of Holy Blood & Organs.  There are stories of Saints that levitate and pictures of The Incorruptible Saints, those who didn’t compose after death.  All of the Modern Religious holidays are explained as well. 

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TODAY: YouTuber Grace Victory wakes from 3-month COVID coma.