NBC News: Vatican says Catholic Church can’t bless same sex unions

Thomas Aquinas, argued that homosexual intercourse was unnatural because animals did not practice it. Gilles de Corbeil, physician to the king of France in the late 12th century, wrote: “The most ferocious beasts are better than man because they have intercourse and reproduce according to what is their natural function Aquinas continued this argument, saying that humans who engaged in homosexual practices were “unnatural” because heterosexual union was the “natural” practice among animals.[112] 

                In reflecting upon becoming what one eats, Aquinas and the 13th century scholastics wrestled with the question of the degree to which one’s very flesh became the animal flesh that one ate. The preoccupation led Aquinas to address a question that sounds most peculiar to modern eats; if semen were made from excess food, that is, the “flesh of cows, pigs and such like, “ why was not the “man begotten of such semen…more akin to the cow and the pig, than to his father or other relative?” His answer, that the human form imposes its likeness on the animal matter,*is perhaps less interesting than the original question, which recognizes a disconcerting ambiguity in the strict lines that were supposed to separate humans from the animals they ate.[113]


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NBC News: Vatican says Catholic Church can’t bless same sex unions. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/vatican-says-catholic-church-can-t-bless-same-sex-unions-n1261076