Newsweek: Arrested Trump Appointee Tells Judge ‘Cockroaches Crawling Over Me’ in Jail After Storming Capitol

Few English kings have lived through a greater period of distress than Edward II, who was scarcely able to secure food for his own immediate household when the heavy rains of 1314 spoiled the harvests. Misery in England was widespread and intense: the dead lined the roadsides; everything imaginable was eaten – dogs, horses, cats, even babies. The jails were crowded with felons, and when a new criminal was thrown into a cell, he was seized upon by the starving inmates and literally torn to pieces for food. In England in 1314, grains spoiled by the rains. Famine so dreadful that the people devoured the flesh of horses, dogs, cats and vermin. Parliament passed a measure limiting the price of provisions. [26]

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Newsweek: Arrested Trump Appointee Tells Judge ‘Cockroaches Crawling Over Me’ in Jail After Storming Capitol.