The New York Times: England will reopen schools in two weeks, but pubs and restaurants will stay shut for now, Johnson says.

On 1 November 1581 in Kent, England, and the marshes of Essex, there was a sore plague of strange mice, suddenly covering the earth, and gnawing the grass roots. This poisoned all the field herbage for it raised the plague of murrain among cattle grazing on it. No wit, nor art of man could destroy the mice, till another strange flight of owls came and killed them all.

In 1582 A.D. – 1589 A.D. Ireland.  There was a great famine in Ireland that was caused not by the weather but by the actions of man. During the war in Ireland between Earl of Desmond and Queen Elizabeth I, the English used scorched earth warfare on Ireland and its people. This resulted in a very great famine. In April 1582, the provost marshal of Munster, Sir Warham St. Leger, estimated that 30,000 people had died of famine in the previous six months. People continued to die of famine and plague long after the war had ended, and it is estimated that by 1589 one third of the province’s population had died.

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The New York Times: England will reopen schools in two weeks, but pubs and restaurants will stay shut for now, Johnson says..