The Washington Post: California man gets 212 years after drowning his sons for insurance money: ‘A greedy and brutal killer’

Year 1581: June 1st. George Presigel of Gnotzga, who killed his wife and afterwards hanged her so that it might be supposed she hanged and destroyed herself; had also formerly stabbed a man. Beheaded with the sword at Nuremberg.  Dissected, that is to say cut up.[45]

Year 1582: February 20th. Catherine Bucklin, a native of Burchenstatt, formerly called ‘Stamlet Kathra’ and ‘the foreigner,’ whom my father formerly whipped out of the town of Preseck with rods. Lately, consorting with thieves and robbers, formed a band of 16, attacked people by night at Mossfuhl, at Esterfeld and at the mill near Wurzburg, also at Puhel and Hennau and many other places. Bound their victims, tortured, beat and wounded them, forced and extorted money from them, robbed and stole their clothes. Beheaded with the sword at Nuremberg. She should have been executed on the same day 12 weeks earlier, but obtained a respite on the pretext of pregnancy; which was not true.  A man was hanged for killing his wife, who was pregnant. [46]

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The Washington Post: California man gets 212 years after drowning his sons for insurance money: ‘A greedy and brutal killer’.