The Washington Post: Women in Mexico are protesting femicide. Police have responded with force.

The annals of the Spanish Inquisition detail confessions obtained under torture of the witch meetings where participants denied the Christian faith, indulged in sexual orgies, and worshiped the Devil in the form of a black goat.  By 1500 the witch hunter’s guide to judicial procedure, Malleus Maleficarum, was in use throughout Europe and trial records reflect its dictums.  Martin Antoine Del Rio’s Disquitionum Maicarum, published in 1599, reinforced the rules with the warning: “judges are bound under pain of mortal sin to condemn witches to death who have confessed their crimes; anyone who pronounces against the death sentence is reasonably suspected of secret complicity.” Yet, surprisingly enough, Spain dealt more kindly with witches than any other region.  Exile or ducking and flogging were more often than not the harshest punishment imposed. 

                Trial records do provide glimpses of the true nature of Basque witch craft.  A woman named Maria, from Ituren, described the ingredients of the “flying ointment” that enabled her to ride the winds.  Her formula combined an herb called in the Basque tongue usainbelar (water plantain) with the skin of a toad.  Another of the accused witches described the custom of collecting wild plants when they came to blossom to be made into amulets and philters.  Another tradition that is still observed forbids witches to die before passing on their knowledge to someone else.[413]

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The Washington Post: Women in Mexico are protesting femicide. Police have responded with force..