The Guardian: Big vagina energy: the return of the sheela na gig

In 1631, provinvial statutes for Tuam order parish priests to hide away, and to note where they are hidden away, what are described in the veiled obscurity of Latin as imagines obesae et aspectui ingratae, in the vernacular ‘sheela na gigs’, i.e. at that time priests had begun to take notice of these ‘fat figures of unpleasant features’ and to remove them.

                …. a Diocesan (Ossory) regulation of 1676 ordering ‘sheela na gigs’ to be burned. Bishop Brehan in Waterford was ordering exactly the same thing that year…….

                ….the Kilmore diocesan synod excluded from all sacraments…those whom the synod calls gierador – they might perhaps be described as ‘living Sheela na gigs’.

                This last reference gives support to the evidence that in some country districts ‘Sheela na gig’ was a term used to indicate women of loose morals or simply old hags.  These regulations also contain further evidence that many sheelas were destroyed or buried, and that once upon a time there must have been a great many more than we can see today.[495]

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The Guardian: Big vagina energy: the return of the sheela na gig.