‘Demon’ asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower to zoom past Earth Friday

A deep grievance of the peasant was the contempt in which he was held by the other classes. Aside from the rare note of compassion, most tales and ballads depict him as aggressive, insolent, greedy, sullen, suspicious, tricky, unshaved, unwashed, ugly, stupid, and credulous or sometimes shrewd

and witty, incessantly discontented, usually cuckolded. In satiric tales it was said the villeins soul would find no place in Paradise or anywhere else because the demons refused to carry it owing to the foul smell. In the Chansons de Geste he is scorned as inept in combat and poorly armed, mocked for his manners, his morals, even his misery. The name Jacques or Jacques Bonhomme to designate a peasant was used by nobles as a term of derision derived from the padded surplice called “Jacque” which the peasant wore for protective armor in war. The knights saw him as a person of ignoble instincts who could have no understanding of “honor” and was therefore capable of every kind of deceit and incapable of trust.  Ideally he should be treated decently, yet the accepted proverb ran, “Smite a villain and he will bless you; bless a villain and he will smite you.”

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