Decapitated Stone Age woman’s head rolled into a cave in Italy

During the exhumation of his incorrupt body 80 years after his death, when the Archbishop laid his hand on the Saints head, it separated from the body, “leaving the neck fresh and red.” At this time manna collected and dripped from the head.  This phenomenon is mentioned elsewhere in this book.  Because of this miracle, the head was encased in a coffer of gold, silver and precious stones and was placed near the shrine of the Saint.

                When England was overrun in 1364 by bands of ruffians who went about violating tombs, profaning the relics of the Saints and pillaging churches, the precious reliquary containing the head of St. Hugh was stolen.  After dividing the treasure among themselves the mob discarded the head of the Saint in a field.  According to chroniclers at the time, a raven perched beside the relic and left it only after it was recognized and returned to the cathedral.  The thieves were themselves robbed, and struck with remorse they surrendered themselves to justice.  Being found guilty on their own confessions, they were judiciously hanged at Lincoln.  The relics of the Saint were later destroyed by order of King Henry VIII about the year 1540.[69]

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