Cosmopolitan: Witches Are Very Real—And I Am One

Even during the great European witchhunt of the 16th and 17th centuries when, under torture, “witches” gasped out allegations against anyone whose name came to mind public figures, usually of women witches far exceeded that of men.  In the Swiss canton of Lucerne between about 1450 and 1550, for example, 32 witches were accused, and only one of them was a man; while in the English county of Essex between 1560 and 1680, when 291 witches were tried, only 23 were men, 11 of whom were closely connected with a woman.  The women involved in such cases were usually married women or widows aged between 50 and 70 (old for the time), sharp tongued, ugly, very often following the profession of village midwife, a calling that naturally attracted suspicion at a time of high infant mortality, especially since witches were known to need a regular supply of unbaptized babies for their banquets.  The malleus meficarum (1486), the first great handbook of the witch inquisitors, had no more difficulty than a modern psychoanalyst in accepting that this type of woman might readidly believe she had had intercourse with the Devil himself, a hug, black monstrous being with an enormous penis and seminal fluid as cold as ice water.

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Cosmopolitan: Witches Are Very Real—And I Am One.