The Guardian: Yemen risks worst famine on planet in ‘decades’, say UN officials

In 1312 A.D. A three-year famine struck Bohemia and Poland. This famine was so great and severe that children devoured their parents and parents ate their children. Some fed on the dead bodies of malefactors hung up on gibbets [gallows-type structure from which the dead bodies of executed criminals were hung on public display]. Wolves also were so famished, that they devoured all they met and fed on them.

In 1314 [in England], it rained almost ten months continually, but during July and August, the rains were incessant. The husbandmen [farmers] could not get in the small crop they had on the ground, and what they got in, the yield from it was very small. Hence there was a grievous famine in 1315 that lasted two years and from it most mortal dysentery. So that it was drudgery on the surviving to bury the dead. Cattle and beasts being corrupted by the grass whereon they fed and then died; hence people dreaded eating their flesh. Only horseflesh was a delicate dish. The poor stole fat cats to eat. Criminals in gaols [jails] quickly pulled to pieces by fresh malefactors and ate them. Or the last imprisoned tore in pieces and devoured the old Goal Birds [jailbirds]. Hunger compelled some to eat their own children, and some stole other people to eat.

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The Guardian: Yemen risks worst famine on planet in ‘decades’, say UN officials.