KIRO Seattle: Couple suspected of stealing wallet from dying man released by King County judge

“Although one might think that the proximity of death would act as a deterrent from sin, yet desperate minds seem to be encouraged by the scourge of death to still greater misdeeds. For great wickedness is committed by godless men who turn to robbing and stealing and secretly slip into the houses.  In cases where they know that there is something worth stealing and only one or two persons alive in the house, they ill-treat them or even murder them, and take possession of what they desire.  The houses are searched daily, morning and evening; the dead are carried out and the sick handed over to the care of the plague doctors. It frequently happens that in a single day and night more than a hundred people are buried, of whom a few are provided with coffins; but the majority are simply placed in a grave 12, 20, 30, even 50 together, piled up above one another and I have often heard that the people are frequently not quite dead and are yet carried away by the impatient gravediggers like so many carcases.  Alas! My pen revolts with grief and horror, for our daily life is fearful, and we would fain desire that places and towns as yet untouched by God’s avenging hand should see and know 1/10 part of our misery or could cast but one glance at our unhappy town, they would certainly be amazed and dumbfounded with terror, and day and night, pray to God graciously to preserve them from the plague.

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KIRO Seattle: Couple suspected of stealing wallet from dying man released by King County judge.