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1560: The first children are castrated for use in the Sistine Chapel Choir. 1589: Pope Sixtus V issues a papal Bull approving the recruitment of castrati By 1625 all sopranos in the Sistine Chapel choir are castrati. During the 17th and 18th centuries in Italy, some 4,000   5,000 boys aged between 7 and 9 are castrated annually for the Church.          For readers unfamiliar with this term, castrati were male singers castrated in childhood to preserve their high singing voices into adulthood. Castrated males have existed for a variety of reasons since antiquity, but the castrati were a peculiar creation of the Christian church. For much of its history, the Catholic Church believed that the New Testament prohibition of women speaking in churches (see 1 Corinthians 14:34 and 2 Timothy 2:12) extended to singing, meaning that the soprano and alto parts in church music needed to be sung by young boys or adult male falsettists. However, neither of these options was considered ideal, especially for the complex polyphonic music that emerged in the sixteenth century. Boy sopranos by nature had short careers, because the inevitable effects of puberty changed the timbre of their voices, and their small larynxes made it difficult for them to project their voices in large cathedrals and chapels—a not insignificant problem in the centuries before electronic amplification. Falsettists had the vocal prowess that boy sopranos lacked but produced an inferior sound that lacked sonorous depth.

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New York Post : Spanish rapper reportedly chops off roommate’s penis for gory video.