New York Post : Nine-year-old girl dies during exorcism

The period of nuns behaving badly lasted around 300 years, beginning at around 1400, and affected convents across Europe. One of the last was perhaps the most deadly—in 1749, a woman at a convent in Wurzburg, Germany was beheaded on suspicion of being a witch after an episode of mass fainting, foaming at the mouth, and screaming. Usually, however, these episodes ended in someone calling in a priest for some exorcisms.[79]

                It is also interesting to note that in the many treatises diffused at the time (Constantine the African’s Viaticum and Pantegni (1098), but also the Canon of Avicenna(1025) and Arnaldus of Villa Nova’s texts(1240-1311) women were often not described as “patients” to be cured but rather as the “cause” of a particular human disease, defined as amor heroycus or the madness of love, unfulfilled sexual desire.[80]

                The imaginations of women are always more excitable than those of men, and they are therefore susceptible of every folly when they lead a life of strict seclusion and their thoughts are constantly turned inward upon themselves.  Hence, if orphan asylums, hospitals, and convents, the nervous disorder of one female so easily and quickly becomes the disorder of all.  I have read in a good medical work that a nun, in a very large convent in France, began to mew like a cat; shortly afterward other nuns also mewed.  At last all the nuns mewed together every day at a certain time for several hours together.  The whole surrounding Christian neighborhood heard, with equal chagrin and astonishment, this daily cat concert, which did not cease until all the nuns were informed that a company of soldiers were placed by the police before the entrance of the covent, and that they were provided with rods, and would continue whipping them until they promised not to mew any more.

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New York Post : Nine-year-old girl dies during exorcism.