Winter is Coming: A Discovery of Witches actor replaced with The Last Kingdom star for season 3

In addition to the New Year’s feasts, festivals honoring Wuotan or Mercury on Wednesday, and Thor or Jupiter on Thursday, are also condemned, as were the Spuyrcalia, an old German feast sacrificing pigs in honor of the vernal equinox, and the Brumalia, a Bacchic feast on December 25. A verb used occasionally for the celebration of these old festivals was sabbatizare, which may have influenced the later development of the term “witches’ sabbat.” The only evidence for shapeshifting apart from these penitential any synodal condemnations is Boniface’s condemnation of the Saxon belief in werewolves and strigae and superstitious.

                Orgiastic feasts occurred in the festivals of the Spurcalia and Brumalia, but the specific accusations of sexual license that were to become standard in the later witch trials were leveled for the 1st time in the 740s against the heretic Aldebert.

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Winter is Coming: A Discovery of Witches actor replaced with The Last Kingdom star for season 3.