Daily Mail: Bodies of mom and her son found in New Jersey pond after boy, six, was discovered crying nearby

A trial in 1466 was the end of the Fraticelli as an organized sect, albeit their renown as devil worshipers and cannibals lasted later. This sect, whose adherents were not indeed numerous and did not possess a unified organization, had originated from a radical wing of the thirteenth century Franciscans, some of whom left the order and then the church (they were the so called Spirituals, inspired also by the apocalyptic and prophetic writings by the Calabrian abbot Joachim of Fiore). They professed the opinion that Christ and the apostles lived in total poverty and therefore considered the Roman church as the whore of Babylon, a pattern that recurs elsewhere in millennial groups. The trial of 1466 was the final act of a series of minor proceedings that started at the beginning of the century. Many sources, such as Bernardino of Siena and the historian Flavio Biondo, attest the practice of a ritual infanticide (the practice is called barilotto, an Italian word that alludes to the little barrel of wine with the ashes of the dead child), followed by a promiscuous orgy.


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Daily Mail: Bodies of mom and her son found in New Jersey pond after boy, six, was discovered crying nearby. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9295269/Bodies-mom-son-New-Jersey-pond-boy-six-discovered-crying-nearby.html