Fox News: Wisconsin wolf hunt ends early after 82 wolves harvested in less than two days

Wolves were hunted everywhere. In France, they were hunted for sport but, in most regions, they were hunted to be exterminated. Therefore, people used traps of all kinds: pits, nets, and bows set to go off when triggered. The Burgundian law code particularly warned trappers to be careful of the latter so a human would not be inadvertently shot by a trap set for a wolf.  Wolves were considered useless. The meat was inedible: even hunting hounds had to be rewarded for their wolf hunt by placing chopped mutton in the cavity of the slain wolf, for even hounds would not eat wolf meat. The hide was considered too difficult to tan in a way that would remove the wolf odor. The hunt for the wolf was for one purpose only, to remove a perceived threat that humans would become food for an animal. The hunts were successful; by the end of the Middle Ages, wolves were extinct from all but the fringes of Europe. The fear of the wolf remained in folklore and in human imagination as a fear of being consumed. [75]

720: The fact that werewolves could not be eaten because of the meat is very important to note. All mention of wolves in this book is important to underline of highlight as you will need that information for vol. 2. We will do a full study on werewolf’s and how it has been fed to us since a child. Please understand that the wolf is idolized by the European mind for a multitude of reasons.

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Fox News: Wisconsin wolf hunt ends early after 82 wolves harvested in less than two days.