Mirror Online: Dad captures horrifying footage of toddler being ‘pulled under the bed’ by ‘ghost’

Ghost armies and ghost ships were seen a lot of times throughout Europe. A stigma for this maybe from how may ships they witnessed sinking it had to have an effect knowing that all the people drowned that was aboard the ships.  This repetitive trauma of even witnessing such an event was one with the territory in Old Europe. To enlarge the scenario into a real event would be needed to found America and this was done with the Titianic.  You see, when looking back at history, if I show you one large drastic event you will not be inquisitive about similar events that have occurred prior to it. In which there may even be larger events which predate. Another similar case would be the World War II situation with the Jews.  Basically, Hitler told the world us Europeans hate Jews and we will slaughter at an inkling.  The world didn’t read it as such because they didn’t understand the language as there were many different layers of communication going on all at once.  The slaughtering of Jews iin World War Ii is a small fraction compared to Jewish attempted genocide throughout Europe.  But Ill scare shock you with the World War II information and you will tell yourself that’s all you need to know or want to know. This is the same element with every major city of America burning down. We will talk about this in Vol. 3.


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Mirror Online: Dad captures horrifying footage of toddler being ‘pulled under the bed’ by ‘ghost’. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/dad-captures-horrifying-footage-toddler-23550919