CNN : Hundreds of coffins fall into the sea following collapse of an Italian cemetery

The galleries in the Campagna are said to extend altogether to between 800 and 900 miles, and the number of bodies interred in them to have been between 6 and 7 milliions.  These are the calculations of Padre marchi, but the grounds on which they rest are not very satisfactory; there seems to have been a good deal of conjecture.  There is no doubt, however, that they are of enormous extent, and must have contained a very large number of bodies. 

                There are 380 pits provided in the burial ground of S. Lorenzo,  one of which was opened every night.  All the bodies brought for the interment hat day or night were thrown into it, after being first stripped to the skin by the officials; and then hot lime was thrown upon them, that they might be thoroughly decayed before the year came round.  The mouth of the pit was closed with lime grouting, so that no effluvium could escape, and this covering was not broken until the pit was wanted to be used again.  This custom appears absolutely horrible to English people, but habit had made the Romans callous to it.  It has now quite recently been discounted, but this custom of using the pits was still in use in 1860.

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CNN : Hundreds of coffins fall into the sea following collapse of an Italian cemetery.