Queen Elizabeth’s cousin jailed for sexually assaulting woman at ancestral castle

Rape: 60% of the plantiffs in rape cases are unmarried.  Half of the rest are normally married women, their husbands being absent for a few days or a few weeks.  It is clear, then, that both the girls and their aggressors were part of the community. The marginalized had no place in these sports.  Socially, however, these women belong to the least affluent levels:  they are servant girls, the daughters or wives of day labourers, or of waged textile workers. Only 7 of them are the wives of master craftsmen, and only one comes from a more comfortable background.  This is hardly surprising, since it was an easier matter to commit rape on humble folk. The sentences or fines were lighter, swift vengeance was seldom to be feared, and social reprobation was tempered, for a sense of community was less strong among day labourers, who were, for the most part, newly established in the city, and came from different regions of the country.  Furthermore, the notables held that the ‘honesty’ of a woman was relative to her ‘estate’, and the wife of a worker could not aspire to the ‘honesty’ of a burgher’s wife. Finally, the aggressors preferred to attack isolated women, weak women, women who (except for the serving girls and chambermaids) were old maids or had remained widows too long and thus were suspect or scorned in a society in which the dominant morality was matrimonial. In this age, a womans destiny was dependent on her fama publica, which amounted to snippets of gossip and rumour.  The most highly prized victims were the “good ladies of priests’, who were led a merry dance, engaged girls (sometimes on the eve of their marriage), women separated from their husband (even with his agreement and that of their families), and any girl accused of ‘dishonest” conduct often calumniously since many young immigrants had to earn their bread by going from one large city house to another for a week or several days at a time, arousing the suspicion, merited or unmerited, of young men on the lookout for any fair game.


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