Embracing The ‘Invisible Woman’: How I Learned To Age & Stay Sexy In A World That No Longer Finds Me ‘Hot’

One example is a certain Catherine, married for 2 years to a Beaucaire riverboatman.  ‘Out of madness’, she went off with a lover, also a riverman and a pimp, and she soon found herself shut up in the municipal brothel in Avignon.  There was also a noble widow in the Ile-de-France who, separated from her suite on pilgrimage, was kidnapped by a chance companion, and spent several days in the Grande Maison in Dijon.  The average age for prostitutes is a clear indication of the normal career of a woman in the ‘trade’.  Average age for the filles secretes, who worked in the private brothels was 17 years, for chambermaids in the bathhouses, 20, and for the women of the postibulum, nearly 28. Almost all had, in fact, begun their careers with occasional prostitution, combining day work with‘abandonment’ to one or several men who they served as a temporary concubines or forced servant girls.[26]


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