Nation: Scientist who blames witchcraft for anything that goes wrong in his life

Witchcraft’s most important connection, however, was with low magic, which could be used for either benevolent or malevolent purposes.  In the Middle Ages, malevolent magic was sub-sumed under the term maleficium, which could mean any kind of crime or evil doing, and in the early Middle Ages malevolent magicians were usually treated like any other criminals who cause harm to others. Whether I break your leg by pushing you down the stairs or breaking a clay doll, my crime is similar and my liability comparable.  Benevolent magic was often tacitly allowed to exist, but in theory the Church assumed that all magic drew upon the help of demons whether the magicians intended it or not. The syllogism was: magic proceeds by compelling supernatural forces; but God and the angels are not subject to such compulsion; the forces compelled must therefore be demons. The Church consequently held that there was no good magic.  Its position was not unreasonable sinc e low magicians the world over often use appeals to spirits as well as allegedly mechanistic means of magic. In Europe these practices derived from appeals either to the old gods or else to local spirits such as elves and fairies, whom medieval Christianity came gradually to classify as minor demons in the same way it considered the great pagan gods major demons.[51]

In the category of magical trickery or parlour games are experiments to cause people to grow dirty while bathing: to cause white birds to hatch from the eggs of black birds; to make a newly hatched peacock white; to cause a woman to leap naked from her bath; to cause a dog to dance; to compel a horse to collapse as if dead. More useful are procedures to expel mice and flies by use of magical images. The manuscript gives the first half of a moon book, explaining the moon’s influence under each zodiacal sign. And it includes a set of experiments ascribed to Solomon, and 12 experiments involving snake-skin, widely attributed to Johannes Paulinus but in fact translated from the Arabic. Most of the experimetns in the manuscript are of natural magi, but not all: Braeckman’s no. 20, especially, calls upon ‘the power and might of these spirits, Beheydraz, Anleyuz, [and] Manitaynus’, to aid in the magical seduction of a woman.

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Nation: Scientist who blames witchcraft for anything that goes wrong in his life.