Variety: How Hollywood Has Failed Black Witches, According to Real Black Witches

In the countryside, accusations commonly arose among neighbours; ordinarly the alleged witch resented her victim for some real or imagined lack of charity or neighbourliness, such as failure to invite her to a party or to help her when she was in need.  In some cases the witch would practice magic in order to retaliate. Or those who had injured her, feeling guilty, would project their guilt and anger on to her and blame her for a subsequent misfortune.  At Chelmsford in 1579 Margery Stanton was accused of witchcraft by several neighbours who had refused to give her charity and had subsequently suffered illness, the death of cattle, and other misfortunes.  In Lucerne, the child of Dorothea Hindermstein had a fight with another boy. Dorothe told the other boy that he would never forget what he had done, and later that day he developed a swelling and lay ill for weeks. Dorothea was accused of witchcraft. In Todi, Italy, a girl contracted a disease after having an affair with a married man, and the wife was subsequently accused of bewitching her!

This pattern of individual hostility and accusation, typical of most continental witchcraft before 15th century, remained common in England until the 18th century. During the height of the witch-craze, the pattern changed on the continent, and witches were perceived as part of a vast plot against Christian society. This was especially true in France, the Low Countries, Germany, and the Alpine regions. The explanation for the intensity of the craze in those ares alies in the strong tradition of heresy, the standardization or interrogations by the inquisition, and the disruption brought about by religious wars

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Variety: How Hollywood Has Failed Black Witches, According to Real Black Witches.