VICE: This Town Is Apologizing for Executing ‘Witches’ 400 Years Ago

  The Inquisition carried out its own witch hunts with the Inquisitors being the witch hunters.   These witch hunts have many similarities with the municipal witch hunters.  I have read mentionings of both executioners and Inquisitors at each others torture chambers exchanging tactics and comparing notes. The style of tactics and the torture chamber itself, used by the inquisitioners was a little more extravagant than the ones of the city/kings castle.

In the catholic torture chamber, there were many words inscribed on the tools, doors, and the devices themselves.  Specific names were used which represented both angels & demons. They were usually underground and there were far more people in these chambers then say the city would havein thiers while questioning was in process. Usually as shown to us on modern day movies you could only get to these chambers by flame on torch.  Extreme blackness seems to be a major role as this was also the attire they wore.  It is the same attire today mainly held up by the nuns, black. 

               At the end of the day these witch hunts are an extreme attack on the female principle.  In which women cannot be removed from the human dimensions therefore, neither will her principle.  You can take away her herbs, you can take away her intelligence, you can put clothes on her but you will never be able to take away the fact that she will be desired and sought out by man for joy, cleanliness, health and comfort.  This is why she is making a comeback now. The Love principle on this planet is extremely destroyed. The Caucasian womans sexual drive was obviously a problem for caucasian males who couldnt keep up, so they let the devil/God fuck her.  In reality they probably didn’t want to keep up.  To keep up means youre chasing the pussy around all the time which doesn’t allow the thinking to develop and make life easier.  Women and sex are a distraction to the workforce so sexuality had to be reduced to a goal.  When it used to be a life maintainer.  With sex as a goal to be achieved from one woman, you can work for the world. Get married (hence the word mary) and tie the knot (hence witch magic ties knots in ropes).

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VICE: This Town Is Apologizing for Executing ‘Witches’ 400 Years Ago.