VICE: Internet Occultists Are Trying To Change Reality With a Magickal Algorithm

According to an old Anglo-Saxon law a sword or other object by which a man had been slain,was not regarded as pure (gesund) until the crime had been expiated, and therefore could not be used, but must be set apart as a sacrifice.  A sword-cutler would not take such a weapon to polish or repair without a certificate that it was gesund or free from homicidal taint, so as not to render himself liable for any harm it might inflict, since it was supposed to exert a certain magical and malicious influence. Also an ancient municipal law of the city of Schleswig stipulated that the builder of a house should be held responsible in any case anyone should be killed by a beam, block, rafter or other piece of timber, and pay a fine of 9 marks, or give the object that had committed the manslaughter to the family or kinsmen of the slain. If he failed to do so and built the contaminated timber into the edifice, then the owner had to atone for the homicide with the whole house. [4]

Kicked Out of Heaven  Vol. I, II & III
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Kicked Out Of Heaven  Vol. I, II & III: The Untold History of The White Races; cir. 700-1700 a.d. is a 3 volume series that details everything about European society and mentality. In the first volume you will find astounding facts about Natural Disasters that had 100 pound hail stones. There was rampant sex in The Streets. There are many details of the Torture Chamber. In the 2nd volume there are close descriptions on the generational effects of alcoholism, lead poisoning and LSD. This is before a 250 page section on 300-400 years of consistent plagues like 2020’s Coronavirus. After the Plague you will encounter a lot of Magic Mirrors and explanations of Crystal balls. There are also actual court transcripts of real serial killers, witches, werewolves and their punishments. You will find a picture of the first contract written for a Sol with signatures from many Devils.  In the 3rd volume you will meet the Castrati, who were boys castrated to sing in the Catholic Church.  You will encounter the relics of Holy Blood & Organs.  There are stories of Saints that levitate and pictures of The Incorruptible Saints, those who didn’t compose after death.  All of the Modern Religious holidays are explained as well. 

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VICE: Internet Occultists Are Trying To Change Reality With a Magickal Algorithm.