The Welcome To Hell Lecture Kicked Out of Heaven Vol II

If you’ve made it this far, Good. Don’t congratulate your self until you finish this journey. In this film, we will be going to the psychological place of Hell. The Slide show presentation that Dr. Keenan Booker put together will be going over Death, which is a caricature designed from the The Black Death Plague. We will also be going over The Werewolf and his excessive ravaging. The Parents of the Zombie The Undead will be revitalized as well, with all of its specifics. These subjects lad us to the Vampire and Dracula who also dwell in the realms of Hell. Then The Devil will be met along with the demons. The only copy of a contract for the Soul signed by Devils themselves will be shown. The Codex Gigas which is supposedly The Devils Bible is talked about as well. Many paintings of what Hell is supposed to look like is also described. There are more astounding facts on this film, but there are far more in the book. Kicked Out Of Heaven Vol. II: The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700-1700 a.d. is a 3 volume series that will be released one by one. This book details everything about European society and mentality. In this edition you will find these facts: Alcoholism & The Blue Devils, Insanity & Lead Poisoning, Ergot (LSD) Hallucinations, The Sweating Sickness & Leprosy, The Tobacco Enema & Leeches, The Defloration Mania, The Dancing Mania, The Black Death, The Gravediggers& Body Snatchers, Jews Poisoning the Wells, Millions of Plague Deaths, Folklore & Superstition, Magic Mirrors & Crystal Balls, Witches Dancing in Baby Blood, Pants Made of Human Skin, Necromancy & Ghost Armies, Attacks from The Undead, Lycanthropy & Were-Wolves, Multiple Cases of Vampires, Who is Satan, Lucifer & The Devil……….

Kicked Out of Heaven  Vol. I, II & III
The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d. for $100

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