ABC News: Severe weather brings major flash flooding, tornadoes South as threat moves east

On Monday, April 13, a “foul dark day” of mist and bitter cold, as the army camped on the approach to Chartres. A violent hailstorm struck with the force of a cyclone, followed by cloudbursts of freezing rain.  Horses and men were killed by the prodigious hailstones, tents were torn up by the wind, the baggage train was dragged through mud and floods, and scores died of the fearful cold, “wherefor unto thys day manye men callen it Black Monday.”[54]

Sailing in December, hit convoy was caught by a violent storm during which he ordered the kidnapped women thrown overboard to lighten the ships, maltreated the crew, and having struck down the pilot, was fittingly wrecked on the rocks of the Irish coast.  25 ships with all equipment and all but seven survivors were lost. Arundels body, rolling in the waves, was washed up 3 days later. Driven back by the storm, the remainder of the fleet never made the crossing and the tax money was accordingly wasted. [55]

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ABC News: Severe weather brings major flash flooding, tornadoes South as threat moves east.